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Monday, August 29, 2005

Mystery bar

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Here's something for those of you with a thirst for the unknown, as well as just a thirst. Some of us recently visited a newish bar, in a part of town not generally known for its nightlife, and supped a rather well-assembled Martini and a very pleasant Verdelho. The bar seems to make a point of exclusivity, to the point where there were two bouncers on the door and a sign saying "maximum 35 people", but it's very relaxed and comfortable once you're inside.

This photo has been heavily photoshopped, partly to enhance the cocktail lounge atmosphere, but mostly because my phone takes such rubbish photos in low light that some drastic tweaking was called for. The decor is not actually red at all: instead there's a curious mixture of purple, white and pale greens. Aside from the odd Philippe Starck lamp there's a general feel of "tasteful hotel lobby circa 1987".

The mysterious feel is compounded by the entrance sequence, which takes you through a doorway in an anonymous grey carpark, down a couple of flights of stairs, past a brass plaque engraved with Chinese characters, then across this magnificently gloomy retro stairwell before you finally reach the door to the bar itself. Any readers who can tell me the name and location of this bar will win... something.


At 10:06 am, August 30, 2005, Blogger Hadyn said...

I saw the place on Sunday.

On the sign by the door after saying that: they are open Wed to Fri 5 to late; they allow a max of 35 people; you must have a high standard of dress (and the knowledge that there are two bouncers); the sign then says "We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone"

How exclusive do you get?

Should they have also stipulated "no gang patches"?

At 10:56 am, August 30, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

Jo: it's definitely within walking distance of the CBD. There are a couple of decent bars nearby, but it's not the sort of place that screams "nightlife hotspot". I already included it in my staggering distance and movable feasts maps.

Hadyn: of course you know where it is, because I mentioned it on Friday night (some time between the Taittinger and the Coleraine, if I remember correctly), so don't spoil it by posting it here! They're actually pretty relaxed, and while the crowd didn't seem exactly hip, I'm sure that Diesel jeans count as "high standard", so you should be okay.

At 4:59 pm, August 30, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

No, you're not wrong. Congratulations!

And Bugger: I'd better think of a prize...


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