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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Culinary extremism

Blurry, sparkly bar sceneJust for a change, here's a post that doesn't involve submission forms and feasibility studies: what are Wellington's most extreme eating and drinking experiences? For example:

Most decadent dish: My nomination is the Land and Sea at Crazy Horse: beef eye fillet and half a crayfish tail with truffle-infused whipped potato, for a mere $85.

Most stomach-challenging dish: No doubt there are plenty of offaltastic dishes out there on the secret don't-show-it-to-whitey menus of the more traditional Asian restaurants, but it's hard to go past (without gagging) the Stamina Chicken Combo at Kazu: hearts, "soft bone", liver, giblets and kimchi. On the other hand, just about any main at J J Murphy's would have a similar effect.

Most outrageous cocktail: What's that I hear? The Bling Bling at Matterhorn? Come on people, you can be more original than that!

Most unusual cocktail: The late, unlamented Rouge tried some odd experiments with savoury flavours and vodka, but Boulot's recent experiments with beetroot (e.g. The Beetlejuice) are quite spectacular.

Most unique beverage: OK, I know "most unique" is a grammatical travesty, but you know what I mean. Maria Pia's homemade digestivo, from a secret recipe of herbs and flowers, is an extraodinary one-off experience. But maybe there's something more original out there?

Harem's deranged decorMost deranged decor: Harem? Maya? The Backbencher's Winston-in-a-wedding-dress?

Most confusing toilets: I can only speak for the men's, but I think that Concrete's trough still has the edge over Rouge/Scopa's giant steel lillies. The latter hasn't yet felt the need for a sign politely pointing out the difference between the urinals and the handbasin.

Most gratuitous techno-gimmick: The Green Room's closed-circuit LCD monitors is a strong contender. But then again, Harem's strobing neon palm trees deserve a look (even if they make your eyes hurt).

Most interactive entertainment: There are plenty of karaoke dens around, but I think that Kai in the City's after-dinner waiata win out on this one. Shame on anyone who suggested Mermaids!


At 1:27 pm, May 19, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

That depends: were they in cheerleaders' uniforms?

At 2:17 pm, May 19, 2006, Blogger Hadyn said...

Is it a faux pas to "accidently" wash it down the sink?

At 5:44 pm, May 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you're right, that is a link to a REAL crazy man - such vehemence! Sounds like H Westfold of Haitaitai, except that there's no dissing of the Catholic Church...

Tom: are you saying you have a fetish for girls dressed as cheerleaders? And is that a bad thing?

At 1:36 pm, May 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does "body tequila" count as a cocktail? That's sounds a bit more outrageous than a Bling Bling - unless having too much money qualifies as outrageous.

At 1:42 pm, May 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about a Margeurita with cocaine around the rim of the glass instead of salt....and a body tequila chaser? That gets my vote for outrageous cocktail - I might even dub it the "Bad Lieutenant with a Waitress Chaser".

At 1:46 pm, May 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On second though, the coke could just be on the side....and well...forget the Margarita altogether! Perhaps a viagra to compensate for the libido dampening effect of the charlie? Something smooth on the come down of course. This will get your hit rate up Tom. There aren't any minors reading this blog are there?

At 2:51 pm, May 24, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

"Bad Lieutenant with a Waitress Chaser" - If you know a bar that serves such a concoction, please let us in on the secret! Though I have a couple of friends who could be described as "Waitress Chasers".

I don't know of any minors reading this, but you never know. But then, I think that the phrase "smooth on the comedown" is part of the general vocabulary now.


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