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Thursday, March 29, 2007


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My blogfolio is expanding. Most of you will know that in addition to WellUrban, I've been writing (on and off) for The Wellingtonista for a while, which led to a slightly messy night out with assorted bloggerati on Saturday. Various reports of the evening can be found on Public Address and Hubris, with some not-terribly-incriminating photos on Jo's Flickr page.

As I mentioned before, I'm now working for ProjectX Technology, and to kick things off (as well as getting stuck into writing proposals, fiddling with projections and all that juicy stuff) I've written them a blog post about WellUrban and what I think it does right. I'll be posting a few more things there soon about some of ZoomIn's shiny new functionality, plus some ideas about different ways of using the site.

I'm also now officially working for Texture as a "contributing editor", which is a rather grand title for a few blog posts a week. So far, I've written a review of the Late Night Sessions at the City Gallery, and a round-up of good lunchtime eats on Cuba St. Many of my nightlife-oriented posts will end up there, but others (including the "drink of the month" series and any mystery bars that are still to be discovered) will still be posted to WellUrban.