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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Promiscuous blogging

I may have been quieter than usual here, but I've got a few other blogs to feed as well. On the Wellingtonista, we're running a series on the best of Wellington music, and I kicked off the Bevan Smith-fest with my favourite five local albums. My list is eclectic enough, but when you factor in my colleagues' love of hard rock, hip hop, transcendental drone/noise and the inevitable dub, you can tell there's quite a soundclash going on over at Wellingtonista Towers.

Cocktails at ImbibeThings have been busy over on Texture, too, and I've been reviewing some exhibitions as well as writing about French food, Mighty Mighty and nostalgic memories of Nineties bohemia. Your long-suffering eyes will be glad that after years of fuzzy phone-pics I've finally got myself a decent camera, which I've been dragging along to cocktail nights, caf├ęs and tea parties. Texture's all about the here and now, so some of the content is fairly fleeting and you'll have to keep your eyes on the home page for other news and features. I also try to get involved in the community discussions about burning issues such as "Soup vs Fish 'n' Chips" and "Electric Avenue: shite or really, really shite?"

Project X have moved from Creative HQ to 12 Johnston StOf course, there's my day (and occasionally evening) job at ProjectX, and the whole crew has been kept busy, not just with the actual work of running and improving ZoomIn while cooking up all sorts of new technology, but with attending the Gold Awards and moving office. I've enjoyed my time working in the Cuba Quarter, but in a way I'll be glad to be back up the other end of town during the day. I consider myself more of a Cuba St person than a Lambtonite, but since I spend much of my time at night and weekends in Te Aro, it's nice to experience a contrast during my working day. Think of it as Silicon Welly invading the Beltway.


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