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Monday, July 30, 2007


Apologies for the lack of posts recently: what with the film festival and Road Works design competition over the weekend, I've been a bit short of blogging time. More on the latter soon, but in the meantime here's a couple of quick notes about the Buckle St area.

Among all the architects, engineers and historians, there was also a presentation from Mt Cook residents. It always seemed a bit strange that moving such a major road closer to a school was proposed in so cavalier a manner, but the locals have done some calculations based upon MfE formulae to conclude that reducing the distance from 40m to 10m would increase pollution at the school by 260%. I think the competition entrants took tunnel or trench options a lot more seriously after hearing that. The Mt Cookers have also set up the Mt Cook Mobilised blog to discuss that and their other concerns (such as the proposed Tasman St supermarket).

Fumes of a different sort were seen rising from the vicinity of Buckle St yesterday morning as an old two storey building in the adjacent Martin Square burnt down. According to the news report, "the building was due to be demolished and replaced by an apartment block." I haven't seen any plans or consent applications for a building there, so does anyone else know more details? It could be relevant to the wider context of the changes along Buckle St.


At 5:21 pm, July 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the bypass was done properly this wouldn't be a problem.

At 7:34 pm, July 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That derelict old building was to be my home last year but I pulled out before signing a lease. It was strange to see it in the paper. I don't know how street kids would have got in (at least into the upstairs area) because we struggled to get in even with a key. Great location, but the building was on a lean either side of the brick wall which ran through its centre.

I've got nothing to offer on Buckle Street as I'm too disappointed that I had no internet last week and so had only very short notice about the design thingy at Vic Architecture School. (Having dropped out of vic architecture for health reasons I want to prove myself haha)

At 9:43 pm, July 30, 2007, Blogger Art House said...

The proposed supermarket is one concern for the area. There is also the advent of The Warehouse in the former Big Save Furniture site. That opens in mid-November. Moreover, proposals for a 36.45 metre tower on the Il Casino site make no mention of the traffic implications of this, the 140 apartments at Century City about to come on stream, the hotel gradually overwhelming Galleria, and further development of Moore Wilson's site. Poor old Tory Street. At least the first Torrey Canyon disaster was an accident. This one seems deliberately presided over by an impotent (at best), but more likely culpable, council.

At 8:04 pm, July 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what the issue with traffic due to apartments is...?

Also don't buy into all this stuff about Pak-n-save and so forth generating traffic. Sorta reeks of NIMBYism, people not wanting their quiet street to become busier. Cuz I'm sure overall having more supermarkets closer to where people live is better for traffic (on a citywide scale).

(Un)Fortunately that is going to happen all around Te Aro, Mt Cook/Adeleide Rd, Newtown, and Kilbernie. Its a good thing if you own property in those areas, your values will be going up!

At 8:09 pm, July 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long term, is Mt Cook School's current location an appropriate place for a primary school?

I'm not sure it can remain there forever, eventually it'll be surrounded by tall apartments surely. It might be better if they started planing for another location sooner rather than later...


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