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Friday, August 12, 2005

In the LOOP

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Where would the Wellington music scene be without the good work of Loop Recordings? Here's advance warning of a couple of Loop-related gigs to underline in your diaries.

Ex-Detroit DJ/producer Recloose has been a Matterhorn stalwart for a while now, and his album "Hiatus on the Horizon" adds a laid-back house groove to the usual dub-inflected Welly sound. He's now assembled a live band, featuring regulars of the local scene such as Deva Mahal and Rikki Gooch, and they'll play Indigo on Saturday the 3rd of September.

There's an even more eclectic cross-section of local musos (a bit like Hadyn's Passion for Music cocktail) in Fly My Pretties (check out some samples or buy the album at The Green Room).

They take on a larger venue than their original haunt at Bats when they play three gigs at the Paramount from the 15th to the 17th of September. Tickets are on sale at Real Groovy.

Oh, and come on guys! Stop teasing us and get that Module album out!


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