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Friday, August 12, 2005

Wellyblog roundup

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Just a quick roundup of what some other local bloggers have been up to.

The Wellingtonista picks out some Film Soc highlights coming up at the Paramount, including the magnificent Metropolis (presumably with the non-Queen soundrack!).

Among the usual mix of sports, politics and personal musings, Hadyn at Grabthar's Hammer gets the big Kia Ora from Kung Fu Monkey, and bemoans the stupid technology wars that are messing up the local online music business. He's also apparently reading a book by someone called Salmon Rushdie (The Satanic Gravlax, perhaps?).

Kate at myegoism records a weekend of alcoholic abandon that makes my liver hurt just reading it.

Heimatseeker has a shot of one of the Dubya in Hell billboards that got Jack Yan all steamed up.

Not a blog as such, but my colleague Deb has some gorgeous photos of Wellington details on Flickr.


At 9:39 am, August 24, 2005, Blogger   said...

Thank you for the link! Didn't think many fellow Kiwis came to our blog, but I am glad to be mistaken on that.


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