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Friday, September 02, 2005

Mystery bar number 2

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Congratulations to those who correctly identified last week's Mystery Bar as Confidential on the Terrace. This time the mystery bar is not quite so upmarket, and the ambience is not so much "hotel lobby" as "Vegas on crack".

The bar itself has bottles nestled in fake alcoves in fake rocks, with fake stalactites dripping from the ceiling. The cocktail menu seems to aim at the hen party end of the spectrum (heavy on Apple Martinis and Cosmos), with the odd themed drink (Sultan's Passion, anyone?).

If that's not enough, try the restaurant section, with strange cut-out clouds, plaster waterfall and animated neon palm trees. The (actually rather good) food and the name of the establishment imply that it's going for a Middle Eastern theme, but things get a little confused, with a Buddha in one alcove, a wine barrel around the mirror in the gents'... and aren't those coconut palms?

I'm not writing this place off: on the contrary, it would be a fantastic place for a night of drunken hilarity. But I wouldn't recommend looking up in the stairwell after eating the wrong kind of mushrooms. So, does anyone admit to knowing this place? Hint: I've blogged about it before.


At 9:21 am, September 05, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

Oh, you probably do know them pretty well, but this has only been open for a week or so.

Maya? No, I haven't been there, but I've peered in the door enough to be weirded out by the decor. If that wasn't enough, the mention of retro nights and 2-for-1 srink specials put me off. Yep, I know, I'm a snob, but one day I'll find the right occasion (translation: get drunk enough) to try it.

Some people are already getting warm on this mystery bar, so you'll have to do better than that!

At 2:01 pm, September 08, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

OK, Hadyn got it: it's Harem in Manners Mall, above Abrakebabra. The next one will test you, though!


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