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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Led astray

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Mural beside St Peter's in Willis StOn a concrete wall beside St Peter's Church in Willis St there's this sweet and innocent looking mural, which looks like it's been painted by the younger lambs in the church's flock. It shows a group of figures of various colours and sizes, holding hands and smiling in a heartwarming display of interracial unity.

But on second glance, there's something wrong with the green figure in the centre. The long arms and radiating antenna hint at alien origins, and the large black grin seems to be paintd by another hand. And what does the slogan on its T-shirt say?

Come to the dark side we've got cookies
"Come to the dark side we've got cookies". Presumably this was not part of the original church-sanctioned mural, but has been added later by nefarious mural-subverting vandals. C'mon guys, that's just mean. Hilarious, but mean.


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