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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More fish in the CBD

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Fish and chip shop under construction under Frank Kitts ParkSome time ago we heard that a fish 'n' chip shop was planned for one of the boatsheds under Frank Kitts Park. From the looks of things, it's about to open soon, and the curvy organic shapes and bright orange and white colour scheme hint that it's going to be a bit more stylish than your average neighbourhood chippy. And around the corner overlooking the lagoon, in the old La Felicita space, there will be a new gelato stall run by the Kaffee Eis people. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my blog.

It's not before time, either. The waterfront is a wonderful place to sit and eat a takeaway dinner, but after Latitude 41 closes in the afternoon, there's not a single takeaway outlet on the waterfront itself, and you pretty much have to walk to the Golden Mile to find anything of the sort. It's difficult to keep such a weather-dependent venture going year-round, but once the waterfront has a few more homes and workplaces there should be a bit more local activity to make this sort of thing viable.


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