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Friday, December 09, 2005

Inaugural meeting of the WWBCLS

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Which, of course, stands for "Wellington Working Bloggers' Cocktail and Literary Society". Though as Kate pointed out, it does contain a derivative of the appalling four-letter word "work", so with ongoing apologies to Oscar Wilde, let me propose this as our motto: "Drink is the work of the blogging classes".

The Maasique at BoulotI've managed to book a table for ten people from 6 until 8 tonight. Sorry for the early timing, but Boulôt is nearly fully booked and we had to bump another table that's due at 7:30 (thanks, Gabe). Anyway, that should give us a chance to meet and sample a few cocktails: I recommend the Scorched Orange Martini, the Rude Boy, and the Maasique (pictured). We can either have early dinner there, or just grab some bar snacks and head off to the next stop on our bibulous voyage.

If any of you think you might be later than 8, but you still want to join us, then send me an email (I've rashly put my address on my profile) and I'll give you my mobile number so that you can let us know when you're on your way.



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