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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The Architectural Centre is drafting a "Manifesto for Architecture". So far, the public draft is just a series of nine headings, and they're seeking input. You can see what people are saying on their forum topic called "Draft Manifesto Headings", and post your own comments if you want. So far, the suggested headings are:
  1. New Architecture must be better than what it will replace
  2. Good Architecture depends on Government taking a leadership role in architecture
  3. Good Architecture depends on a public who are discerning architectural consumers
  4. Good Urban Environments are Designed Environments
  5. Good Architecture facilitates Better Living
  6. Bad Architecture needs to be Acknowledged and Eliminated
  7. Good Architecture needs celebration, and protection as important cultural capital
  8. Good Architecture depends on Investment in Architectural Research of all kinds
  9. Good Architecture minimises its impact on the planet's resources.


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