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Monday, December 05, 2005


Montage of Wellington graffiti by 'neonate'You may have seem some graffiti around town signed "neonate", especially in the Ghuznee St area. The graffiti usually take the form of a cartoonish face or character scrawled in black ink, with neonate's signature below. Some of the faces are primitive and grotesque (like the one at top right, which reminded me of one of the Jeffrey Harris works currently at the City Gallery), but others have a goofy or wistful appearance. One of the characters is sometimes given a name: "Bulbhead" (or possibly "Bubhead"), with its round mouth, closed eyes and angelic wings, was the most common of the neonate characters for a while.

Sticker by 'neonate'There are signs that neonate is branching out into other media. This sticker on a telephone pole in Ghuznee St shows a rather lugubrious and hirsuite character, with a somewhat different drawing and writing style to the graffiti, but it bears the same name.

Neonate has moved from marker pens to printed stickers: are aerosols and stencils next? Is Neonate, whoever he or she may be, making a move to be the next Mephisto Jones? Can a Primo ad be far away?


At 3:25 pm, December 14, 2005, Blogger Unknown said...

Very cool. Does Mr/Ms Neonate need a Flickr Group? I've tagged mine with "neonate" and I see Emily has too.

At 1:34 pm, December 15, 2005, Blogger Helen said...

i have a hunch that Neonate is the same person that does the uber-lame "F is for Fun". It's coz the writing's the same, and they're in the same place often, namely outside the communal house on Abel Smith Street.

Does anyone know what its s'posed to mean? Other than newborn?


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