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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Buongiorno Waitangi

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Kiosk at Waitangi Park - screen under constructionThe kiosk at Waitangi Park is nearly ready, with the sun-shade coming along nicely. It's taken a little bit longer than expected, but it should be ready for the tenants to fit it out by the start of next week. At the time of my last post on the subject, Wellington Waterfront was still looking for an operator, and they've just announced that the tender has gone to Mediterranean Foods Ltd. Newtownians will happily recognise this outfit as the people behind the Mediterranean Food Warehouse on the corner of Daniell and Constable streets, so expectations will be high.

While I don't think that they'll be able to fit a pizza oven in there, they could probably just throw a few random items from their cornucopia between a couple of slices of ciabatta and the results will be delicious. And I've just had even better news: they've applied for a license! Their wine selection is exclusively Italian, so while Côtes du Rhône or Pernod would seem more natural companions to a game of petanque, I suppose we could play bocce instead, in which case a nice drop of Chianti or a glass or two of Prosecco would go down very nicely.

It looks like the kiosk won't quite be ready in time for this Sunday's launch of NZ Music month in the park, but I doubt that Bleeders fans are too fussy about the quality of their ristretto or where their prosciutto comes from.


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At 2:26 pm, June 12, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

All done: thanks for the note.


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