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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

While you were sleeping

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The While_you_were_sleeping collective is getting ready to wake up again this Saturday with a live electronica gig at Room 101 under Bar Bodega. The term "electronica" is pretty vague, but in this case it refers to instrumental electronic music that's not quite ambient, not really dance-oriented, not synth-pop or electro and not always experimental.

The artists will be Pang ("tunes and textures, beats and pieces"), Panoramica ("minimal breakbeats and creamy undertones"), Anaesthesia Associates ("cut up, genre bending" audio and video), DJ Mayhem and Mr J (VJ performance). Pang and Anaesthesia Associates will also appear on Radio Active's The Session at 9pm this Thursday. Saturday's gig starts at 8pm, and entry costs $8.


At 9:32 am, August 02, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

Sort of. The bleep events are organised by the While_you_were_sleeping people, but have a slightly different emphasis. bleep consists of public workshops and collaborative performances, with an emphasis on experimentation and unusual or modified electronic machinery. The WYWS concerts, on the other hand, are more like traditional gigs, with each artist performing a 30-50 minute set. While there's usually a range of musical styles on offer, WYWS gigs are probably a lot more accessible.


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