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Monday, October 09, 2006

Inside job

Here's a quick selection of photos from (mostly) inside the two major heritage buildings that I visited yesterday as part of Wellington Architecture Week: the Old High Court Building and the Chapel of Futuna.

Old High Court - stairs
Old High Court - the courtroom
As well as talking us through the history and restoration process of the Old High Court Building, the team from Warren & Mahoney also displayed diagrams and animations of the planned addition and explained the design rationale behind it. While some people might have preferred it to be a bit larger and less deferential to the heritage building, the Historic Places Trust was adamant that the new building should be no higher than the old, which is why the existing cornice line is carried through as the top of the bronze screen.


From there is was off to Karori, and a chance to see the exquisite, deceptively complex and Tardis-like interior of the Chapel of Futuna. Happily, the Architectural Centre was able to announce that their fundraising during the week had gathered over $1000 for the trust.

Chapel of Futuna - stained glass windows by Jim Allen
Chapel of Futuna - roof and spout
Chapel of Futuna - surrounded by townhousesThe above photo (of the chapel hemmed in by suburban townhouses) goes some way to explaining the context of the one below. You can't quite see the details through the window, but this shows a rendition of that well-known sacred theme "Madonna and Child with Washing Line".

Chapel of Futuna - Madonna and Child with Washing Line


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Did you manage to get a photo of the scale model of the Supreme Court building?


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