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Friday, February 02, 2007


Unlike some "what's on" sites, Texture doesn't aim to be comprehensive. In fact, it has a deliberate "anti-Courtenay" bias in its listing, and aims to promote Wellington's more stylish or bohemian side. Some may argue that this is tampering with the fine balance of nature, and that if the regular clientele of Sports Cafe or Shooters decides to start sniffing around the back alleys of the Cuba Quarter, then the Wellington nightlife universe could be annihilated due to the sudden contact of matter and antimatter.

But it's interesting to look at their lists of eating and drinking establishments and think about what other venues could also fit into that crowd. The combine list is as follows:
Bodega, Boulot, Chow, Deluxe, Ernesto, Fidel's, Floriditas, Good Luck, Havana, Hawthorn Lounge, Imbibe, Matterhorn, Midnight Espresso, Mighty Mighty, Motel, San Francisco Bath House, Sandwiches, Scopa, Sweet Mother's Kitchen
Mmm, that list alone is enough to make me feel thirsty, but it's not hard to think of how it might be extended. If Bodega, why not Happy? If Boulot, why not Last Supper Club? What other establishments would you suggest as being Textureworthy?

Incidentally, the "anti-Courtenay" stance is not completely literal. While only one place has an actual Courtenay Place address, there is a little cluster of Textured goodness down the eastern end of the Courtenay Quarter. To show this clearly, here's a little inline ZoomIn map I created from a group (or have a look at this screenshot if your browser chokes on all that Ajax):

Their list of shops is even more exclusive: Good as Gold, Mandatory, Miss Wong, Popup, Rex Royale, Soup, Ziggurat. I'm sure you can think of some others that are just as representative of Wellington hipsterdom.


At 4:10 pm, February 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Wellington nightlife universe could be annihilated due to the sudden contact of matter and antimatter"
Harsh Tom, harsh....although I've never been a big fan of the black&white combo, so the White shirts and pants of Courtenay Place and the black be-suited hipsters of the texture community may be too much for me to handle…


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