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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mystery bar number 64

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It took a few guesses before the previous mystery bar was identified (by the highly knowledgeable Gemma) as Superfino. It's a truly delightful little café and bar that brings a welcome touch of style to a dull stretch of Ghuznee St.

Mystery bar #64 - the barToday's mystery bar is a much bigger place, though only a small section is set aside for the café and bar part of the operation. Food is the dominant part of the business, with pizza and other mains alongside all sorts of little morsels, but there's a reasonably well-stocked little bar and it looks like a good spot for a relatively civilised drink. There's a limited range of spirits and no cocktail glasses in sight, so I wouldn't expect to order a Martini here, but there are some interesting wines (including a decent rosé) and boutique beers such as Moa, so you won't go thirsty.

It's in a location that's changed a lot recently, and this operation might evolve slightly over time as it establishes a clientèle. It's a very impressive operation, with a highly professional fit-out, though there are some pseudo-rustic and bourgeois touches that sit oddly with the building's contemporary look of steel, glass and concrete. That may suit the target audience, though, given the well-to-do and comfortable look of many of the punters, and uproarious drinking behaviour is unlikely to go down well with the neighbours. For that first, mellow drink after work on a fine day, or for a weekend tipple, it'll be well worth a look. Besides, the bar snacks ought to be good.

Mystery bar #64 - tables and chairs


At 6:50 pm, October 29, 2007, Blogger Joanna said...

Is it Piccolo (or whatever it's called) on Vivian St?

At 6:57 pm, October 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zarbo on Chaffers Dock. I recognise that café table anywhere. :)

I saw the tenants @ Wellington Market down the road moving their gear out the other day. Can't remember the last time I've had such an end-of-an-era feeling, since many of the other major building developments have been on top of car parks.


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