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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pick of the pix

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I previously mentioned the SHOOT phone pix competition: the results are now in and published on the Transmit web site. One of the winners' names might seem a little familiar. *cough* I'm off to Matterhorn very shortly to pick up my loot. In the meantime, here are some of my entries, together with a bit of context about the locations and events that they capture.

This was the judge's favourite image. It shows a competitor in the Brothers in Metal snowboard and ski event in Civic Square. I wrote a post about this at the time: Civic Slopes. It shows up both the limitations (poor resolution, lack of exposure control) and the strengths (spontaneity) of current phone cameras.

Amanda la Whore and Sheba Williams strutting on stage at Midnight Burlesque. There are some more photos from this event in the post Cabaret Fever. My phone has no flash and takes terrible pictures in dark environments, but on the other hand, this accentuates the murky, suggestive, restless atmosphere of cabaret.

This photo of the Prudential building in Lambton Quay make it look much more striking and elegant than in the daylight photo I took for my previous post (How wrong could I be?). The slight blurriness caused by the cheap lens and low resolution of the phone actually helped, giving it a misty, vaguely retro feel appropriate to a (formerly) great Art Deco building. Pity about the trolley wires across the middle, but it's a small price to pay for sustainable transport.

This snap of Fat Freddy's Drop on stage at Shed 6 relies on the striking lighting design of the stage crew to give it some colour and compositional interest. Cheap digital cameras are usually terrible for concert photography (poor old Dallas' face just becomes a washed-out blob), but the contrasts of light, smoke and blurrily skanking crowd help give a touch of the live gig feeling.


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