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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Street eats: Tony Chestnut

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Tony Chestnut, Left Bank
One of the few street vendors in Wellington is "Tony Chestnut", adding colour and life to the streets while his caramel almonds add padding to my waistline. Based in a shop halfway down the Left Bank near Satay Kingdom, Tony and his helpers usually set up their stall on the corner of the Left Bank and Cuba Mall.


At 11:11 pm, August 03, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
I was in Wellington in June 2004 and met William "Tony Chestnut". My name is Mike from Germany. In fact he was a reason to spend a week in windy wellington. He is an author, as I found out. His jazz music is a really attraction. What a kind man... Knowing him only about some hours, he left me alone with all his "shop" and money, because he had to organise a new gas container.

If anyone knows about his homepage, telephone or address, please could you send me an email at jonke_De(at)yahoo.de ? THX.


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