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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Toyboys & Sugar Daddies

By popular demand, here is the continuation of the Where the Boys Are saga (see part 1 and part 2).

In the "man drought" scare, one of the most eye-catching (and dead wrong, as VUW's Paul Callister points out in a letter to today's DomPost) statistics was that a 32-year-old woman has as much chance of finding a man her own age as an 82-year-old does. But to this, a colleague (to protect the not-so-innocent, let's call her "Miss M") replied "Who cares about our own age group? We just need to find a toyboy or a sugar daddy".

The demographics bear her out. The woman-to-man ratio is highest in the 30-34 cohort, then dips to be nearly even in middle-age, before soaring again once we males start keeling over from burger-induced heart attacks. For the under-25s, there is actually a "woman drought", which goes some way towards explaining my pitiful adolescence (that and Dr Who).

So, where can Miss M find her toyboys & sugar daddies? WellUrban intrepidly steps back into the murky waters of sexual geodemographics to provide the answers.

Let's start with the toyboys, which for legal purposes we'll define as 20-24 (the next cohort down is 15-19, and I shouldn't advocate the pursuit of jailbait). In the absence of any data on resemblance to Orlando Bloom, we'll have to treat all unpartnered 20-24-year-olds as potential targets. So, using the previous post's technique of only plotting "left-overs", we get this map:

This time, Te Aro isn't quite so blue, and Lambton goes quite girly. So if you're after a toyboy, head out to Kilbirnie, Miramar (perhaps Weta-related) and (ulp) Tawa. Personally, I'm off for a walk around Oriental Bay and Mt Vic.

The subject of sugar daddies demands a different approach. Jo has pointed out that as income increases, all other criteria diminish in importance, reaching the point where personality, marital status and even toupee quality become irrelevant. Based upon this, I chose the arbitrary cut-off points of $100,000 annual personal income (the highest category in the census data, and probably just enough to ensure a Kirks card, regular trips to Logan Brown and occasional gifts from the mistress shop) and an age of 40+ (anyone under 40 with that sort of money is probably shagging Nicky Watson anyway).

This time, rather than taking the "left-overs" approach, I just mapped every man who matched these criteria (we've already decided to turn a blind eye to other women, and besides, in our terrible patriarchal society, affluent women over 40 probably aren't the competition you have to worry about). So here are the potential sugar daddies (in gold, naturally):

No real surprises there, but if you're greedy and want both a sugar daddy and a toyboy, you might have to head for the northern suburbs. It might seem odd that many suburbs have a high concentration of both sugar daddies and young women: wouldn't they want to install their mistresses further from their wives?

Disclaimer: WellUrban takes no responsibility for any divorce proceedings, STDs, heartbreak or eternal damnation resulting from this post.


At 6:59 pm, August 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can i really have a toyboy AND a sugardaddy?!! how exciting!




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