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Friday, August 26, 2005

Weekend debauchery

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Ah, Friday afternoon on a fine spring day in Wellington, and a young(ish) man's fancy naturally turns to... alcohol! There's a big nosh-up and booze-up planned at Neat (not that it's a special occasion or anything), no doubt with some of Eddy's dangerously delicious cocktails to lubricate the palate. Before that, we may take in a pre-drink drink (a wonderful phrase: thanks C.K. Stead!) at that alluringly exclusive-looking new basement bar on the Terrace.

If brain, limbs and liver are still functioning later this evening, we may wander along to Bodega to catch Montano and Jet Jaguar, given that there won't be a chance to seem them live again for quite some time. I've been a big fan of Jet Jaguar's quirky, scratchy brand of melodic ambient electronica (along with his Involve labelmate and fellow mulcher Aspen/Signer) for a while, so it'd be a pity to miss this gig.

On Saturday I definitely will make it to Bodega to see Lotus, whose voice has graced many a Wellington recording, including tracks by Rhombus, Rhian Sheehan and the ubiquitous Twinset (has anyone know of a bar or restaurant where they haven't played?). Before that, some of us may temporarily revert to blokeishness and head to Hope Bros for a slap-up meal and a few ales (or is it Radler time yet?) while watching the rugger.

Very wild foodHope Bros recently starred in the Wild Food Challenge (click on the picture to see just how wild it was, if you dare!), so it's certainly a bit classier than it was in its "Fats" days. But it's still more a pub than a restaurant, which is good, because I feel the need to balance my allegedly metrosexual side with a bit of manly shouting, especially since the Capital Times called me an "Urban(e) Aesthete". Urban goes without saying, urbane is a compliment, but aesthete carries some, ahem, Wildean connotations. Come on guys, I may be currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I hardly ever wear cravats and it's years since I sported a green carnation!

But if you think that I've got a drinking habit, have a look at this post at Drinks after Work, not to mention his drinking buddies Ms Brown, Kate and The Sifter (where I found a link to a very useful site: Droogle). Cheers!


At 6:24 pm, August 26, 2005, Blogger Baz said...

Hey! I recognise those hands!


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