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Monday, September 12, 2005

Not such a mystery

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Okay, so Mystery Bar #3 proved not much of a mystery: it's Eclipse, which is part of the recently opened Just Hotel on the corner of Willis and Dixon Streets. I thought that its location away from the usual nightlife zones, together with the tendency for hotel bars here to appeal to hotel guests but not locals, might have made it a bit harder to guess, but evidently not. The fact that it lists in the Package makes it far too easy: I must try harder next time!

But can anyone tell me what other "hospitality" businesses the owners of Just Hotel also run? And can anyone confirm the rumour that it's the only hotel in Wellington with hourly rates?


At 8:26 am, September 13, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

Really? What would that be useful for?!?

Of course, you're a runner, so it might be useful to check in for a quick shower afterwards. There can be no other explanation :-)


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