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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Twenty things

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Stephen may have been narrowly dissuaded from venting beverage-related revenge upon me, but the bastard's tagged me instead. Oh well, time to pass on this virulent meme, so here are twenty random things.
  1. This is the first WellUrban post not tagged Wellington. Oops, too late.
  2. People refer to my version of the Dry Martini as the "St John's Martini", but it's not fair: only one person actually needed an ambulance after drinking one.
  3. I bought Kraftwerk's Computer World album because I had the same model of programmable calculator that they used for the melody line in Pocket Calculator.
  4. I was thinking about using Stephen's approach to this "twenty things" thing, but I'm sure that if I did it, it would have ended up sounding like the sort of language poetry I wrote when I went to Alan Loney's workshops. Either that or a bad parody of Underworld lyrics.
  5. Midland Park is a very distracting place on a sunny day.
  6. Someone nicknamed me "Tomsk" because when I was very young I lived in Wimbledon. Then some years later I asked my father about it, and it turns out it was Willesden. And there are no wombles there.
  7. Rhian Sheehan may get geek points for sampling Carl Sagan, but has he ever had a band named after a Carl Sagan quote? Now that's geeky.
  8. I once bought furniture for a party. It was an orange and brown vinyl-covered bar with a carving of stereotyped dusky natives on the front, and I re-covered the stools in faux leopardskin. The party was to mark the passing of Frank Sinatra.
  9. I'm not sure whether I'm a New Zealander, but I know that I'm a Wellingtonian.
  10. When I lived above Satay Village in Ghuznee St, we'd sometimes get them to deliver.
  11. I'm not an architect, but I play one on my blog. Well, no I don't, but it's a kick to see the IP addresses of Frank Gehry's and Norman Foster's practices among my visitors.
  12. I gave up literary criticism soon after Kevin Ireland waved his walking stick and threatened to thump me.
  13. One of my dream holidays is to go storm-chasing in America's Tornado Alley.
  14. Lagavulin is very nice with breakfast. Or instead of breakfast.
  15. There was a time when people paid me to dance rather than paying me to stop.
  16. I have walked every street, alley and court in the City of London, West End and inner East End.
  17. I once tried learning Bulgarian. Yes, there was a woman involved: why do you ask?
  18. If you're planning on going out with a borderline psychotic art dealer who's going to turn into a stalker, try not to choose one who lives next door.
  19. I drank beer for the first time only four years ago. Well, I was in Brussels for the weekend, and it seemed like the thing to do.
  20. I recently unpacked my belongings after moving flat and found that I had no towels, no pillows, and 15 Martini glasses.
Dena, Hadyn, Noizyboy, Jo, Luke: consider yourself tagged.


At 12:13 pm, October 27, 2005, Blogger Baz said...

Only 15 martini glasses? You must have broken a few along the way...

At 1:28 pm, October 28, 2005, Blogger Hadyn said...


Go away to a conference for two days and someone tags your blog

At 3:23 pm, October 28, 2005, Blogger s. said...

Nice, though I am hurt that you don't like my free verse. Underworld? That stings, dude.

At 3:41 pm, October 28, 2005, Blogger Tom said...

I didn't say I didn't like it: just that if I tried it, it would end up that way.

Actually, I like Underworld lyrics. There's something very Ron Silliman/Charles Bernstein 80s langpo about it:
rioja. rioja. reverend al green. deep blue morocco. the water on stone. the water on concrete. the water on sand. the water on fire. smoke. the wind. the salt. the bride boat coming. dave in the water.
old man. einstein on top of his house.

Either that, or they're just making random shit up.


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