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Friday, January 06, 2006

Mystery bar number 15

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Mystery Bar #15 - the barThe first mystery bar of the new year is a bit different from some of the recent ones, in that it feels more like a cross between a pub and a café than a sleek inner city bar. They've made an attempt at a rustic atmosphere, with a brick fireplace on one side and straw bales and farm equipment displayed above the bar, but it all seems a little bit half-hearted among the standard-issue furniture. Big screen TVs and a gaming lounge add to the downmarket impression.

Mystery Bar #15 - stools and barrelBut there are some suprising positive aspects. For one thing, it gets a lot of afternoon and evening sun, and despite being very close to the Golden Mile, it looks out on a pleasantly leafy corner of town. This could make it a good candidate for drinking in the sun. It's also possible to sit on some relatively comfy padded benches and see the screens: perfect for a lazy afternoon watching cricket. And as a bonus, they even served up a decent coffee, with a good thick crema on my long black (Russell Brown would approve).


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