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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eye candy

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Daniel Campion - A Fabricated Daylight Response part 2Next Tuesday at 5:30pm, Daniel Campion will be launching his solo exhibition, A Fabricated Daylight Response, at Aaron Laurence Gallery. Now, we all know that exhibition openings are good (free booze!), and Lorry throws a damn good party, but this one will offer a few added bonuses that your average gallery do can't match: candy floss, free eye tests and a lottery. If none of that makes any sense, read the essays (406kB PDF) by Nadine Connock and Luke Badger: yes, for once, the essays help make more sense of the art rather than less.

Dan's art covers a lot of media, ranging through cast glass, video, stencils and cut-ups to good old fashioned painting. As the essays point out, there are a lot of conceptual ideas being explored, but also with broad appeal and painstaking craft. You might even feel moved to nominate one of his works for Frontseat's "Greatest New Zealand Painting" poll. Or just enter the lottery on the night and maybe win a one-off "fuck art let's kill" T-shirt.

Daniel Campion: A Fabricated Daylight Response
Aaron Laurence Gallery
326 Lambton Quay
5:30pm, Tuesday 14 March

Dan Campion with his diptych 'Night Becomes'


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