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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shops we love: Eyeball Kicks

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By guest blogger Hadyn.

Tom asked a little while ago over a few drinks if I wouldn't mind guest-blogging about Eyeball Kicks. I jumped at the chance. There was, though, an implied tone that I should keep my usual rhetoric to a minimum (or rather not at all).

Eyeball Kicks, 47 Ghuznee St Wellington"The Kick" (at 47 Ghuznee Street, just along from the tackle shop) is my favourite store for a large number of reasons. It relaxes the senses while at the same time assaulting them. Its main stock in trade is Hot Rod/Tiki Bar clothes, stickers, decals, posters, patches and miscellany. It also has Wellington's largest collection of Tiki mugs.

All of the great artists of this genre are present in some form (books, stickers, clothes, figurines or posters): Vince Ray; Frank Kozik; Marco Almera; and the grand master of devil girls, Coop (and none of that Von Dutch bull****). They also have some stuff by local artists such as Simon Morse.

Eyeball Kicks logoTake a browse through the posters and you'll find limited edition giclée prints (pronounced zhee-clay) worth hundreds and cheap $15 prints perfect for the garage (where you'll be fabricating a new bumper for your '51 Merc custom).

If you like to hang out at Trader Vics, have a martini fetish, look like these guys, own a hotrod or just liked Hot Wheels then this store is your Valhalla. Let your hair be greased and your black jeans be tight!


At 12:53 pm, April 18, 2006, Blogger s. said...


Where is it?

At 1:05 pm, April 18, 2006, Blogger Hadyn said...

Sorry, I left out the most important bit.

Ghuznee Street, a little way past where Rouge was and the tackle shop.

At 1:27 pm, April 18, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

Righto, I've added the address to the post, and a link to ZoomIn with the exact location.


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