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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


You may not have noticed, but this week is Conservation Week. There's a bunch of events on in Wellington, including "weed swaps" at Te Papa and Lower Hutt, where you can bring along a weed from your garden and swap it for a native plant. There's no word of an Aro Valley weed swap, which might be a bit more interesting ...

I wouldn't normally mention this sort of thing here, since it's not directly related to urban sustainability issues, but there's a series of talks and debates at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul (the new one) that looks interesting. In particular, this Thursday at noon there's a debate on the proposition:
Everybody's Money: There is far too much for Roading, far too little for Public Transport.
The Victoria University Debating Society team will debate the negative, while the Green Party (Jeanette Fitzsimons, Roland Sapsford and Brent Efford) will (funnily enough) take the affirmative.


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