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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Watch this space

Douglas lloyd JenkinsHere's a small correction to the Architecture Week programme I mentioned earlier, with a few added details. Douglas lloyd Jenkins, New Zealand's most prominent commentator on design and architecture, will be talking at 6pm this Friday, not 7pm as listed in the brochure. He's known for his forthright opinions rather than excessive tact, so it could be a lively discussion. I don't know exactly what his talk will be about, but it's entitled "Watch this space", so erm, watch this space.

It's in the National Library auditorium, in the basement of the building that appears on the front of the Architecture Week programme (16.7MB PDF). A 60s building that happened to be built in the 80s, it's fair to say that it's not the most loved building in Wellington, but it has a few hidden architectural delights within. You can book ahead at the Book Council's website.


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