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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sneak peak

Here's a couple of quick shots inside the lobby of an apartment building that's not quite finished yet. If the lavishness of the fittings (contemporary chandeliers, chain curtains, glass mosaics) is anything to go by, the much-anticipated public areas could also be worth the wait.

Now, who can name this building?

Apartment lobby - chandeliers
Apartment lobby - glass mosaic


At 11:15 am, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging by the design of the windows I would guess is it probably chaffers Dock,

BTW almost all the "Piermont" apartments offered are gone, yesterday only 3 1st floors ones remained, So I guess the trend for city living continues,

Apropos Tommorrow, Stats will release the pop counts for the current Electorates, should provide a good indication where people are choosing to move to... and provide fun for any boundry changes later in the year

At 1:48 pm, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

or Portal ? That must be ready for opening as well - although it looks too fruity for Arch + to have come up with....

At 2:21 pm, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new Holiday Inn?

At 9:16 am, February 01, 2007, Blogger Tom said...

Anon 1's got it, it's Chaffers Dock. Anon 2's word "fruity" is quite a good summary, especially with the giant floral pattern on the glass mosaics. I suppose it's intended to be a combination of Art Deco and the new anti-minimalism, and while I think I like it, it's certainly not what I expected.

I'm not quite sure who designed this. The Chaffers Dock revamp as a whole was originally being done by Warren & Mahoney (I think), then taken over by ArcHaus (who have been taking a bit of flak in some quarters). The interior of the public atrium is supposedly being designed by Megan Wraight, but I think this area is part of the private apartment entranceway. And I know that Alistar Cox and The House are doing at least one of the restaurants, but I haven't heard of them having anything to do with the apartments.

Quite a nice surprise, though.


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