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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Update on Urban Life competition

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Here's an update on yesterday's post about the Urban Life - a celebration in art competition. Yes, they encourage a wide range of media, including interactive and digital pieces, but entrants will have to provide their own hardware.
You're correct that any short listed video or digital entries will need to provide their own hardware. I recommend in your initial entry you detail any hardware requirements, including explaining what you plan to provide, and we can discuss this in detail if you're successful in making the short list. We do have IT support available for our management of the competition/exhibition. Personally, I'd really like to encourage you to submit such work as we're hoping to have a very open and diverse competition / exhibition.

And again, you're correct that performance pieces or site specific works would need to be represented in photographic form for it's initial entry at least. As above, if successful in making the short list - we'd be more than happy to discuss logistics of individual entries and try to accommodate pieces where possible. However this will depend on the full range of exhibition pieces we receive and so may in the end still be limited to photographic representation.

Yes, access to electricity will definitely be available in Shed 11. If you can signal any requirements on your initial entry form, that would be much appreciated.


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