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Friday, October 07, 2005

Draw Wellington

Imitation chalk drawing of an office blockOne of tomorrow's Architecture Week events is Draw Wellington, an interactive architectural drawing event. Here is the text of the flyer.


World Architecture Day is the climax of a week long celebration of architecture and part of 2005 as the year of the Built Environment. There are opportunities for architects to attend lectures and debates, visit buildings normally closed to visitors and talk to the public in their offices.

The world of Architecture embraces both buildings and the spaces, activities and the environment which surrounds them. Draw Wellington is an invitation for practitioners and the public to meet at 5 significant public spaces within the city and participate in drawing these spaces, the buildings and structures around them and their inhabitants.

Draw Wellington will be hosted by 150 first year architecture students who have designed the black building paper surfaces to draw on and will include as many public participants as possible (of all ages). Working with chalk the objective is to reveal with drawings the essential uniqueness of Place and the elements which make it special at five different locations within the city.

Bring your friends and/or family and experience a drawing extravaganza! All materials will be provided!

Architects, Urban Designers and all other visual artists who jointly influence our built environment are encouraged to come and participate. It will be an opportunity to informally talk to the students and members of the public about practicing architecture and about Wellington as a vibrant city.

Draw Wellington will take place between 11am and 2pm at:
  • Cuba Mall
  • City to Sea Bridge
  • Calzone Footpath – Courtenay Place
  • Te Papa Forecourt
  • Midland Park

Project initiated and facilitated jointly by Fiona Christeller Architects, Judi Keith-Brown Architect and VUW School of Architecture 1st year coordinated by Courtney Coyne-Jensen.


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