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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mystery bar number 41

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It's been a while since the last mystery bar, which Maximus promptly identified as the lobby bar at the Museum Hotel. It's certainly more interesting and individualist than most hotel bars in town, but it seems a slightly half-hearted attempt at theatrical glamour and doesn't make the most of the site. The hotel has plans to build a glass-fronted restaurant on the corner of Tory and Cable streets, and once that happens, it may be that the bar and restaurant will combine to give a bit more life to this part of town.

Mystery Bar #41 - wall and lampsToday's mystery bar should be pretty easy to identify, so I won't give too many clues beyond the photos. It certainly has some elements of kitsch, but unlike the previous two mystery bars, this is very much intentional. The decor is somewhere between faded glamour and chintzy homeliness, but the overall effect is very much Wellington haut-bohemia.

Mystery Bar #41 - the bar


At 9:47 am, September 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy peesy - Ernesto's, at the site that was formerly Krazy Lounge...

I think the decor accurately reflects Havana's progression from the alternative grunge to bourgeois lounge - there will no doubt be a more high class Havana restaurant/bar with a room for corporate functions somewhere in Wellington before the decade is out!!

Not that I mind, as long as I can still buy my coffee beans for $5 at a time at the Coffeworks, I will not be complaining...

At 3:18 pm, September 13, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

Yep. I almost didn't bother to put it up, but it's nice to recongise a new opening that's actually worth celebrating (unlike Boss, Electric Avenue and a few others).

Perhaps the Havana corporate functions room will be called Batista's?


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